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Inject Cash Into Your Business Quickly With No Sales Pages, No Launches, No Sales Funnels, and No Technology Either...With My Simple and Speedy Cash Injection Campaigns and Templates!


IMPORTANT: If you're not in CONTROL of your cash flow, you can lose it all in an instant. The MOST IMPORTANT thing for any business owner to know is how to inject QUICK CASH into their business whenever they need it. This is how (and, frankly, it's simpler and faster than you think).

"There must be an EASIER WAY to make money
WITHOUT spending endless dollars and nights to make it happen, right?

Sound Familiar?

People make marketing and making money so freaking complicated. But it doesn't have to be! This Quick Cash Flow Technique that I teach my clients and that I do myself is responsible for generating big amounts of money in quick time frames with very little set up work... Over and over again... for online and offline businesses, and for both new and established business owners too.

So I’ll tell you more about this technique it in just a second, but first I want to talk about cash flow.

Because whether you’re a new business owner barely making it by or an established business owner with multiple income streams, your cash flow and your ability to create it on demand is everything.

As a business owner you must know how to make money quickly any time you need an influx of cash in your business.

...When profit margins get tight
...When it comes time to pay yourself
...When you want to add a new expense
...Or hire a new person
...Or pay off a new investment, such as when you hire a coach

You have to know how to make money quickly in those situations!

Cash flow is everything. And if you don’t have control of it, you can lose it all in an instant.

That’s why this Quick Cash Flow Technique is designed to simplify and speed up the process of injecting cash into your business whenever you need.

That way, any time you decide you need some extra cash, you pull this technique out, you deploy it, and watch the cash flow into your life.

Here’s a Peek At Some Of The Results This Quick
Cash Flow Technique Has Created For My Clients

(And Keep Reading For Some Stories of My Own!)...

My client Jasmine made $295,000 in 30 days!


In fact, I have simplified and templatized this so well that ON AVERAGE my clients are making between $12,000-$13,000 within just 3 weeks of working together. Heck, in one run of the intensive, 93% of students had already made money within the first 3 weeks alone (with MOST having generated between $5-$40K within that time)!

And because it is making such a difference, I decided for the next 72 hours only, I’m going to let you in on what my VIP and Mastermind clients are doing with these cash injections at just a small fraction of the investment.

My Secret Cash Flow Technique Is…

Cash Injection Campaigns!

This is a series of campaigns that I’ve personally designed to inject quick money into your business without a costly sales page, without complicated sales funnels, without a big exhausting launch, or even pesky technology.

I wanted these campaigns to be as simple as humanly possible so that no matter what business someone was in or how long they’ve been in it, they could use it any time they wanted to up their income.

So I made each campaign as simple as just two steps.

Step 1: Create an Offer

Because, well, you have to have something for people to buy.

Step 2: Send Traffic to It!

Because, well, you have to have people to sell it to. And more eyeballs in front of your offers means more potential buyers.

Where it gets a little tricky, why people think marketing is complicated is, and frankly why they hire me to help with this is...there’s so many different types of offers to choose from and so many different types of traffic to choose from too!

...And different offers and different traffic will create different results.
So the choices that you make are really important.

That's why in each cash injection campaign, what I’m doing is I’m helping you pick the right offer and the right traffic…. And giving you templates for how to put that offer in front of that traffic.

Teach Me Your Cash Injection Campaigns, Amanda!

Add to Cart – Just $2000 (Or 8 Payments of $250 - NO FINANCING FEE)!

So Who Exactly Are Cash Injection Campaigns For

(And Are They Right for You)?

The cash injection campaigns I’ll teach you are for any entrepreneur who wants the ability to generate cash fast. My clients in the past who have successfully tested these campaigns have included:

  • BUSINESS COACHES: Business Coaches, Marketing Coaches, Sales Coaches, Productivity Coaches, Systems Coaches, Social Media Coaches, Funnel Coaches, Video Marketing Coaches, Book Coaches, Speaking Coaches, Branding Coaches, Business Intuitives, etc.
  • LIFE COACHES: Life Coaches, Parenting Coaches, Love and Relationship Coaches, etc.
  • DONE-FOR-YOU SERVICE PROVIDERS: Virtual Assistants, Graphic Designers, Website Developers, Podcast Managers, etc.
  • HEALTH PROFESSIONALS: Yoga Instructors, Acupuncturists, Therapists, Healers, Health and Wellness Coaches, Fitness Professionals, Meditation Gurus,
  • OFFLINE BUSINESSES: Lawyers, Musicians, Artists, etc.
  • PRODUCT-BASED BUSINESSES: e-Commerce Businesses, etc.

As you can see, plenty of other types of entrepreneurs and business owners have made some
serious cash with these campaigns… and so can you!

It really doesn’t even matter what stage of your business you’re in. If you’re just starting out, great!
You can use these campaigns to quickly rake in funds you need to expand your core business.

And if you’ve already been at this for a while, my cash injection campaigns can help you take your business (and your wealth) to the next level!

They absolutely work even if…

  • You don’t have a list
  • You don’t have any offer yet (or don’t know what to offer)
  • You’ve never done a “launch” in your life
  • You hate Facebook Ads or just can’t afford them (you won’t need them)
  • You’re not fond of technology (only 2 of the 8 campaigns involve any kind of technology and even then, it’s optional)
  • You’ve tried a bazillion other things that didn’t work at all!

Ok, Amanda. So Why Are You the Right Person to Show Me How to Generate Cash With These Campaigns?

Well, simply put, I created every single one of the campaigns you’re getting from scratch. I spent years refining them for my own business first, so that they were super-reliable and easy to deploy. After all, when I want to rake in some cash, I don’t want to spend tons of time on the “nuts and bolts” of complicated and expensive marketing campaigns either.

I’m just like you and I want quick, easy cash too!

My research and tinkering started because I got sick and tired of signing up for all of these high-end programs that promised me I’d make money by the truckload… but then ended up just being a bunch of fluff. It didn’t take long for me to realize that, if I wanted to be able to flood my bank account with cash at will… then I was going to have to figure it out myself.

So I put in all of the building, testing, refining… it was a frustrating process, but once I had perfected them… raking in cash on demand was SO worth the effort!

Here are just SOME of the results I’ve PERSONALLY generated in my own businesses from the exact campaigns you’re getting your hands on today:

  • ~60 new clients in less than 24 hours, resulting in ~$6K in RECURRING INCOME!
  • $2485 in less than 24 hours with ONE quick technique, no sales page, no webinar, and no promotions to my mailing list!
  • $10,437 in less than 1 week with a completely spontaneous, last minute offer and minimal effort!
  • ~$50,000 in less than 1 week (I actually did this TWICE with the same offer and campaign)!
  • $562,000 in new client contracts in less than 4 months with no sales page, no webinar, no promotions to my list, and very minimal effort!
  • $60,000 in 24 hours with ONE quick technique, no webinar, and with only 1 out of the 6 paying clients requiring a phone call (the other 5 just bought without even talking to me)!

The bottom line is… the campaigns WORK!

And they haven’t just worked for me… I already shared with you the results many of my clients have gotten above.

In fact, so far, these campaigns alone are responsible for $1,824,467 generated… and the number just keeps climbing.

So you can see why entrepreneurs like you LOVE these campaigns… and once you see how
they can add 5… 6… even 7 figures to your business… you will too!

Teach Me Your Cash Injection Campaigns, Amanda!

Add to Cart – Just $2000 (Or 8 Payments of $250 - NO FINANCING FEE)!

You’re Going to Totally Geek Out Over This:
Here is What I Will Give You To Get These
Campaigns Going in Your Own Business:

Lifetime Access to the Secret Vault of Cash Injection Campaign Strategies -

I don’t hold anything back here. Whenever you need to generate quick cash in your business, all you need to do is choose your strategies, create your offer, and send traffic to it. It’s that simple!

Your Swipe-and-Deploy Arsenal of Scripts and Templates -

Launching an offer doesn’t have to give you a migraine – with TONS of done-for-you templates and scripts, you can create and launch your campaigns in hours… instead of days or weeks!

Your Own Cash Injection Expert (That’s Me) -

I’ll be helping you decide which campaigns are a good fit for you and your business (don’t worry, there are plenty to choose from) and showing you how to customize those campaigns so that your audience finds your offers irresistible!

Your Swipe-and-Deploy Arsenal of Scripts and Templates -

Launching an offer doesn’t have to give you a migraine – with TONS of done-for-you templates and scripts, you can create and launch your campaigns in hours… instead of days or weeks!

Weekly Cash Injection Power Calls -

Once a week, we’ll all get together for a fun, inspiring Q&A-style call so you (and your fellow members) can get your pressing questions answered. No need to ever have to guess what to do when creating, launching, or managing your campaigns!

Lifetime Access to the Cash Injection Member’s Secret Lounge (AKA Private Facebook Group) -

This group is exclusively for Cash Injection members. Here, you’ll get to connect with your fellow members to exchange ideas, form partnerships and friendships, and get motivation and encouragement – any time of the day or night! I’ll also be popping in the group from time to time to get to know you and help you out if you get stuck.

The Opportunity To Increase Your Cash Flow RIGHT NOW With No Sales Page, Tech, Launch, or Funnel

The Opportunity To Discover How To Get Quick & Easy Money In The Door ANY TIME YOU WANT In The Future As Well!

Plus, You’re Getting These Sweet Bonuses
To Make Generating Cash Even Easier!

You’ll get these bonuses as soon as you complete your registration:

Offers That Pack a Punch -

Creating high-converting offers can be a challenge… but not anymore! In this program, you’re getting in-depth video trainings and templates for just about any type of offer you can imagine, from professional services, to physical products, to courses, and more. I’ll include LOADS of templates to make creating these offers a fast and easy process, and detailed instructions for keeping your offer running smoothly every step of the way. You’ll never run out of offers to sell and you’ll n ever have to guess what your audience wants to buy (or how to sell it to them) again!

Selling Like a Nerd -

Hustling is for masochists and suckers! In this eye-opening
course, I’m going to show you the easy way to “sell” $5K… $10K… $50K… or MORE on the phone without breaking a sweat! And even better, you never have to feel like a slimy salesperson – whether you want to sell products, services, or fill your coaching program, I’ll show you the tricks and techniques that make your customers BEG to buy from you!

And once you complete the Cash Injection Intensive, as a reward for your hard work, I’ve got this “graduation bonus” waiting for you:

Lifetime Access To My Entrepreneur Secret Lair "Confidential Courses"

As a card-carrying member to the Secret Lair, you’re going to have access to EVERYTHING you need to start making massive income from your business… no matter what niche you’re in or how long you’ve been struggling to get to where you want to be. There’s FAR too much inside to tell you about everything, so we'll just keep it a secret for now 🙂

So Here’s How the Intensive Works…

II’ve structured this 3-week program to help you get results as fast as possible, without cutting into the time you’re already putting into your core business. Here’s what each week of the program looks like:

  • WEEK ONE - I’ll give you complete access to ALL of the campaigns, along with my “Offers that Pack a Punch” and “Selling Like a Nerd” bonus trainings. You’ll go through the trainings, choose your campaigns (with my help, of course), and map out your offer. (We’ll also be having a Weekly Cash Injection Power Call before the end of the week, so don’t worry about getting overwhelmed – just make sure to jot down your questions as you think of them).
  • WEEKS TWO AND THREE - The race is on! It’s time to launch your campaign and see just how much cash you can stuff into your account from your offer. And be sure to take part in the Weekly Cash Injection Power Calls and stop by the Cash Injection Secret Lounge to earn tips and tricks to improve your campaign, get support and encouragement, or share your successes!
  • WEEK FOUR - It’s time to announce the winner and hand out prices (Oh, and your “Graduation Bonus” Lifetime Membership to The Entrepreneur’s Secret Lair begins this week too)!

Here’s a Quick Look at What You’re About to Discover In Just 3 Weeks With The Cash Injection Intensive…

  • How to develop a consistent cash flow (in other words, get off the “income roller coaster”) by always having marketing campaigns and offers ready-to-go… so you can deploy them quickly and start seeing sales (and profits) within hours!
  • How to choose the right marketing campaigns that make sense for your exact business, so you’re not wasting time and effort, and instead you’re focusing on only the right actions that create the most impact in your business with the least amount of work.
  • How to perfect your offers and know exactly which offers make sense to sell for your business and your customers (this takes the “selling” out of it and ensures your customers say “Yes” easily without much push or persuasion necessary)!
  • How to eliminate A LOT of unnecessary tasks and technology from your marketing, so you can make money faster and with less effort, allowing you to spend your time running your business, keeping your customers happy, and living your life on your own terms!
  • And much, MUCH more!
Teach Me Your Cash Injection Campaigns, Amanda!

Add to Cart – Just $2000 (Or 8 Payments of $250 - NO FINANCING FEE)!

I’ve made sure to make this Intensive affordable for everyone… because I don’t want anyone to miss out on their chance to seriously uplevel their incomes (and rake in a pile of profits whenever they want).

The deal I’m offering is pretty incredible… but if the $2,000 price tag still has you hesitating a bit, I’ve also included a crazy 8-pay plan. You can make 8 monthly payments of $250 and still get full access to the entire Intensive (including all of the contests, bonuses, and everything else).

And, even better, there are NO financing fees if you choose the payment plan. I know a lot of coaches love to charge outrageous fees for payment plans, but that just doesn’t seem fair to me.

So there’s NO reason for you NOT to take advantage of this Intensive. Don’t stand in your own way… click the button below and lock in your registration now:

Teach Me Your Cash Injection Campaigns, Amanda!

Add to Cart – Just $2000 (Or 8 Payments of $250 - NO FINANCING FEE)!

Here’s my Pledge and Guarantee to You…

I’m committed to making it as easy as possible for you to get off the “income roller coaster” and start bringing in the cash you deserve on demand… whenever you feel like it! So here’s my pledge and guarantee to you: I pledge to be reliable, accessible, and supportive. You’re never going to wonder where I went or if I’ve left you hanging. I’ll be there to make sure your business is as profitable and incredible as possible! To me, that’s just good business… and I know you’re going to be completely thrilled with the results!


QUESTION: What is your Quick Cash Flow Technique?

ANSWER: What I do is called "Cash Injection Campaigns". I have designed a series of campaigns that work to up your cash flow and make you money quickly and easily. The offer on this page is to get access to my Cash Injection Campaign Strategies and Templates.

QUESTION: Who is this for?

ANSWER: I have tested Cash Injection Campaigns with online and offline businesses, with new and established business owners... and it's been successful. That's because the process is designed to be so simple that any business owner can do it. So, this is really for you if you just want to up your cash flow right now, know how to up it in the future whenever you want, or even just test drive my coaching.

QUESTION: What makes you qualified?

ANSWER: I am one of the very FEW marketing and business coaches who actually cares deeply about my clients' return on investment. I have spent YEARS honing my coaching skills, paying loads of money for Certifications and learning how to get my clients better results FASTER, because that is more important to me than anything else.
And, well, my results speak for themselves.

  • I reached my first $10K month in 4 months at the age of 22
  • I booked over $150K in 4 months at the age of 23
  • I booked over $120K in 90 days at the age of 25
  • Just in the last 45 days I've welcomed $219K in new client contracts
  • I served nearly 300 HAPPY clients in my first year of this business
  • My clients REGULARLY report financial success, such as banking $2.5K, $5k, $11k, $14K, $16K, $25K, and $100K from our work together (scroll above for testimonials specific to cash injection campaigns)
  • I have been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Small Business Trendsetters, Wall Street Select, The Huffington Post, and more for my marketing expertise
  • I was recently named one of the Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30
  • I am a Certified Marketing Coach, a Certified Money Coach, a Certified Email Marketing Specialist, a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, AND a Certified Speaker

QUESTION: How is this different from other programs out there?

ANSWER: Well, it's extremely rare that a business or marketing coach even does Cash Injection Campaigns (and if they do: they're probably one of my Certified Cash Injection Coaches™). In fact, most coaches are not INTENTIONAL with their strategy for how to get you a Return On Investment. Everything I have created here is intentionally designed for fast and easy results.

Plus, I like to fully own that I am one of the most accessible and responsive coaches out there My clients will attest to this: I over-deliver, like, BIG TIME!

QUESTION: How much time will I need to commit to this program?

ANSWER: It will take you around 1 hour to review the cash injection campaigns, about 2 hours to implement your first one, and I recommend reserving 1 hour each week for Q+A time with me in the group.

QUESTION: When will you offer it again? Why should I sign up right now?

ANSWER: This has traditionally only been provided to my VIP and Mastermind clients ONLY. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that this will ever be released again. Those clients invest $7-$20K to learn these strategies and I want to honor that.

QUESTION: What is your refund or guarantee policy?

ANSWER: I am 100% committed to supporting you in increasing your cash flow and finally making marketing and money-making simple and speedy.

That being said...

This is a refund-free zone. Partially because I know that I show up 200% fully and give a million times more value, availability, and support than any other coach out there (trust me, I've invested A LOT in coaching).

I have an entire webinar just on the topic of how I intentionally craft my content to get A+ client results... I genuinely put A LOT of time, thought, effort, and planning into knocking the experience out of the park for you.

And so, YOU have to be willing to hold up your end of the deal. Deal? Let’s pinky promise!
Put in the effort, follow through with the system I teach you, and we will create success together.

It's also partially because I believe in Money Karma and that we must own our buying decisions and actions, recognizing that they impact others beyond just ourselves. Just as you would not buy food to make dinner, then take the food back when you decide not to eat dinner, you should treat service businesses with the same respect. It's just good Karma, dude.

QUESTION: What is the investment? Are payment plans available?

ANSWER: To join is just one payment of $2000. Or 8-payments of $250. There are no financing fees or interest attached to the payment plan. So it is the same price either way.

QUESTION: Why $2000?

ANSWER: On average, my clients are making $13K-$14K within 2-3 weeks, so by setting it at $2k, I am setting myself and you both up for success. Also, in my VIP and Mastermind programs, I am typically requiring AT LEAST $2K to reserve your spot so that I can do these campaigns with you. So, this investment level is congruent with my normal process.

QUESTION:What if I still have questions?

ANSWER: Shoot me an email at - I'll answer personally! Or, if you prefer, you can message me on facebook at - that's my personal profile and I'm very assessable there as well.

Teach Me Your Cash Injection Campaigns, Amanda!

Add to Cart – Just $2000 (Or 8 Payments of $250 - NO FINANCING FEE)!